Spherical geometry patchwork

This photo shows the patchwork on the spherical curvature shirt. You can see that there’s a lot more machine stitching in this piece. Unfortunately time constraints meant that I had to resort to more brutal methods of joining pieces. The stiffness this imparts is actually quite useful. Piece doesn’t fall quite as flat as it might if it were completely and stitched.

With this one complete we now have our three planes in different types of space – hyperbolic with red heptagons, Euclidan with orange hexagons and spherical with yellow pentagons.


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Artist/maker/scientist/mathematician/communicator/administrator/etc - suffers from many ailments including "popcorn kittens"! see http://kriswrites.com/2011/07/13/the-business-rusch-popcorn-kittens/

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