Stitch Lounge gets us going!

Stitch Lounge by chrisdonia
Stitch Lounge, a photo by chrisdonia on Flickr.

We finally cut some fabric this weekend!

Our three shirts demonstrating different types of curvature will involve a lot of hand sewn patchwork. So we took the opportunity to get stuck in at the excellent Stitch Lounge on Saturday afternoon. It’s an open access sewing workshop at Inspace, in University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, that takes place over a weekend. Julia and I met once she’d finished the morning’s Maths Masterclass and come back to town from Heriot-Watt campus.

Stitch Lounge fabric is sponsored by The Cloth Shop, Bonnington Road Edinburgh and they’d provided this lovely shirt-weight cotton in lots of colours – ideal for patchwork. We cut our [very accurate!] paper templates from newspaper and basted the fabric patches around them. All the pieces are then slip stitched together and the papers removed. The paper gives stability to the patches while you’re working. Woven fabric stretches by different amounts in different directions and a hexagonal patch could easily distort as you handle it. Using this method ensures that the only change to the curvature you see in the finished work is due to the different shapes we have inserted in the grid.

[Many thanks to Chris Scott for letting us use his photos on this blog.]


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