Great Quote/Brainstorm tomorrow

The mathematician may be compared to a designer of garments, who is utterly oblivious of the creatures whom his garments may fit. To be sure, his art originated in the necessity for clothing such creatures, but this was long ago; to this day a shape will occasionally appear which will fit into the garment as if the garment had been made for it. Then there is no end of surprise and delight. – David van Dantzig (1900 – 1959)

Julia and I are anticipating no end of surprise and delight as we get this project off the ground at tomorrow’s brainstorming meeting with local mathematicians. We intend to clothe the conceptual creatures of abstract mathematics by early November. I’ve got a bunch of shirts and and a bundle of ideas – let’s go!

[to find out more about Dantzig see ]


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  1. Eischeid Mark R.

    Wonderful quote – such great relevance to your project! Might be good to include/incorporate into the grant-end exhibition for your project.


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